Your WordPress SEO is one of the most important things for your blog unless you are not worried about getting traffic from search engines. There are many simple things you can do for your blog’s SEO with the WordPress platform.

It is so simple that all it takes is downloading a few plugins to your blog and you can dramatically have better WordPress SEO. Below you’ll see that I have gone through and talked about what each plugin will optimize. They are definitely a must if you are looking to get traffic from any search engines.

Webhosting Optimization

I have noticed that ever since I changed webhosts it has resulted in better SEO for my WordPress blog. The speed of your server can decide how long Google stays on your page to scan your content. I changed to Bluehost a year ago and it has been heaven ever since. As soon as my content was scanned again by Google after changing webhosts, I got around 60 extra search engine hits a day.

Many people do not put emphasis on how well there Web hosting is. However, that could result in you hardly getting any search engine traffic to your blog. Next time you are thinking about a webhost, pick one with a server that has speed.

WordPress SEO Post Plugins

It is important that you use plugins to help your WordPress SEO. There are many plugins that can do this for you but if you want the best SEO for WordPress there are a few that are better than others.

The one I use is either All in One SEO Pack or HeadSpace 2. They both let you optimize your titles, descriptions, and keywords of your posts. Both of them will do the same for your overall blog.

Download: All in One SEO Pack | HeadSpace 2



Your permalink is very important for SEO. One of my favorite plugins is SEO Slugs because it gets rid of the words that are not important in your blog post title so they don’t end up in your permalink. Search engines don’t really care about unimportant words so this plugin is a must if you’re looking to improve your WordPress SEO.

I also make sure that in my WordPress settings I have it set up so that when I post an article my blog name doesn’t show up next to the article name in search engines. I found that this helps with getting my articles ranked higher because it gets rid of unimportant words that do not go with the article.

Title Optimization for WordPress SEO

Title optimization is important for WordPress SEO. You definitely need to download the plugins that I mentioned in number two. These plugins will allow you to insert any title that you want to have show up in Google for your article. It is important to write good titles that Google loves.

Make sure that any keywords that you are targeting are at the front of your title. It seems that Google and other search engines give you a better ranking for the keywords at the beginning. Try not to use one of those automatic title makers.

Description Optimization

Your description is important even though some experts are saying that it isn’t so important anymore. The reason I do disagree with some of these experts is the fact that when I use descriptions all my posts are ranked higher in Google and other search engines. Make sure you download one of the plugins in number two so that you can insert descriptions for your post and blog.

Make sure when you write a description user keywords at the beginning of the description and some at the end. Remember though, you only get so many characters to write so make it short and sweet.

Image Optimization

Google loves your images to be optimized for their search engine. Lately, it has been showing that it hurts to not have your images optimize. Their spiders have a difficult time searching through your content when they come upon an image that is improperly formatted for Google.

The easiest way to go about optimizing your images is by using the SEO Friendly Images plugin. Your WordPress SEO can become a lot better if you use this plugin. It might begin to bring in traffic to your Blog through Google image search.

Download: SEO Friendly Images


Template Optimization

Template optimization is a must if you’re looking to improve your WordPress SEO. It is definitely hard to find a template that is only optimize for search engines. You definitely want your page to load as fast as possible and you want search engines to be able to search through all your content simultaneously.

What I did too optimize my template is move to the best WordPress theme on the planet,Thesis. This WordPress theme is one of the fastest on the Internet and would dramatically help your WordPress SEO. I create all my Blogs on this theme and I have never seen better results.

Page Optimization

Page optimization is also important if your looking to improve your SEO on WordPress. The simple things you can do is use the breadcrumbs plugin so that you can show search engines around your Blog. It will be easier for search engines to find all your content and at a faster speed. Page numbers will also help your SEO so use the WordPress SEO Pager Plugin.

Download: WordPress SEO Pager | Yoast Breadcrumbs



Speed is an important part for every blog if you are looking to get search engine traffic. Google has loved fast loading blogs for some time now. Although some do not agree with this, I have only got more hits from search engines since optimizing my blog for speed.

WordPress has many plugins that can speed up your blog for SEO. I use the ones below because each one has proven to help the speed of my blog. The way I checked how each plugin helped the load time of my blog is by using each plugin by itself and then comparing before and after

DB Cache – This plugin caches every database query with given lifetime. It is much faster than other html caching plugins and uses less disk space for caching.


WP Super Cache – This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.


WP CSS – This plugin GZIP and strip whitespace from your CSS files. It allows you to confidently use @import inside a CSS file and not worry about what happens on the user’s end. It will look through your style.css file and put any @import files into it. A cache expiry time can also be set.


PHP Speedy WP – PHP Speedy is a script that you can install on your web server to automatically speed up the download time of your web pages.


Optimize DB – For some People running WordPress, the use of phpMyAdmin appears to be a risky thing. There’s just too many options. This plugin lets you do just one simple task: optimize the tables of your database, to reduce their overhead.

Download: DB Cache |WP Super Cache |WP CSS | PHP Speedy WP | Optimize DB

WordPress SEO Results

It is important to look at your SEO results so you know what is working and what is not working. However, make sure you give your article sometime to be indexed in the search engines and get a good ranking. I use WassUp so that I can look at live traffic coming to my blog. Many people use Google Analytics but I just use that past days. It doesn’t give you any live feedback on the traffic coming your Blog.

I have seen good results when I noticed that an article is not performing well in search engines and changing it. Keeping up on what’s working and what’s not working will definitely help your WordPress SEO also.

Download: Google Analyticator | WassUp