If your business provides services to a location specific area, Google will often return local business results when the relevant keyword is searched for. These results are displayed above the natural results and can often drive a fair amount of traffic. Submitting to Google Local Business Center is easy and can be done through your Google account. A few things to keep in mind when creating the listing:

  • User reviews will help improve your position in local search and increase trust in your listing
  • Try to use keywords in your company name
  • Fill in as many details as possible to help add further weight to the listing
  • The closer your company is to the center of the city the better

Examples of local business results on Google:
local business centre UK

Pay-Per-Click Listings

If you want immediate placement on the search engines, plus a better measure of control over your listing’s position, you should consider pay-per-click, or sponsored, listings. If you do a search on any major search engine you will see listings at the top or along the side of the page that have the notation “sponsored listing.” They may also be set apart with a colored background, which is the case on Google.

There are advantages to the pay-per-click system. The most obvious is that in just a day or two your website can be displayed at the top of the search engine listings. If you’ve invested a lot in getting your site up and running you may not want to wait 2 months for your customers to be able to find you. Also, sponsored listings are targeted to those who are really searching for the information available on your site, unlike “banner ads,” which you have no doubt seen on many sites. (A banner ad is more like a billboard. The advertiser pays to have it displayed regardless of whether viewers actually click on it.)

The big downside to pay-per-click listings is that you may have lots of idle visitors who are just surfing around the Net and don’t intend to buy. If they click on your listing, you pay, regardless of whether or not they become your customer. The business owner (you) must decide what you are willing to spend for customer acquisition.